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Wolverine vs Marvel U

Last year, New York Times bestselling writer Jonathan Maberry blew you
away with a sadistic vision of a Marvel Universe ravaged by
cannibalistic heroes – and this June Maberry is back with Marvel Universe Vs. Wolverine #1 (of 4)! Joined by fan favorite artist Laurence Campbell (Punisher MAX),
the two turn Wolverine into a one man slaughter machine against Earth’s
Mightiest, who’ve all been infected by a lethal virus, transforming
them into savage beasts. Logan has always been the best at what he
does, but does he have what it takes to eliminate the vicious hordes of
crazed Marvel heroes on his own?

“Ever since we finished Marvel Universe vs. Punisher
last year, I’ve wanted to return to that world and tell more of the
story.  And there is so much to tell,” said Maberry.  “So many stories.
And this is a great jumping-on point.”

It’s an unforgiving battle for survival as Wolverine slices and dices his way through your favorite heroes and villains in Marvel Universe Vs. Wolverine #1 (of 4), on sale this June!

Well, Wolverine’s on the cover of half of Marvel’s titles anyway. Might as well have him kill everything.  

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