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Women’s History Month: Female Comic Book Characters

In honor of March being Women’s History Month, the Comic Book section of Entertainment Fuse has collaborated together to pick a female comic book character that was most inspirational to them.   Nicole’s Pick—Firestar   Firestar   Firestar is inspirational to me in so many ways. Born Angelica Jones, Firestar is a mutant with manipulating microwave powers. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only manipulation in Firestar’s life. She was manipulated by the then evil Emma Frost who used Angelica’s fear of her powers to her advantage. But Angelica was able to break away from Emma Frost. She went on to become a member of several superhero teams including the New Warriors, the Avengers, the Young Allies. Firestar is currently with the X-Men and she teaches physics at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. However what I really admire about Angelica is her personality and how she’s reacted to the numerous adversities she has faced in her life. She is a kind person and never hold any grudges against people despite being bullied constantly in school. She is also a breast cancer survivor. Firestar has been through a lot and remains an admirable super heroine.   Jim’s Pick—She-Hulk   She-Hulk panel   There was nothing about She-Hulk’s origin that would indicate a future as a great female character. She-Hulk, like Spider-Woman, was created by Marvel so that no other company could leech of the success of the male versions of those characters. However, despite She-Hulk’s real world origin as a trademark holder and feminized version of an already-existing hero, She-Hulk has actually transcended those beginnings and become a really interesting and unique character. The alter ego of She-Hulk (or Shulkie, as she’s sometimes affectionately called) is Jennifer Walters, a cousin of Bruce Banner, but more importantly a successful lawyer and confident character. Jennifer has throughout her history been a strong (obviously), smart, funny, and bold character. She was a key member of the Avengers and for a time Thing’s replacement in the Fantastic Four. Her solo series is also known as one of the first Marvel comics to regularly go “meta” and break the fourth-wall (before that was Deadpool’s thing). The current She-Hulk comic is being written by Charles Soule, an actual lawyer, giving her character’s day job some valuable material.   Elvis’s Pick—Big Barda   Big Barda   Big Barda is one of the most impressive and incredibly endearing female characters ever created. There is such a wealth of power and self-assuredness that was imbued within the character since the time of conception. Created by Jack Kirby, and based on his own wife, Barda eschewed “normal” gender roles in relationships and played the loving warrior to Mr. Miracle’s spry escapist. There’s no sense of cynicism and it just works. She’s tough, she’s warm, and she carries a big stick. Don’t listen to Wilson or Earth 2, Barda is great.   Kat’s Pick—Spider-Girl (Mayday Parker)   Mayday   Spider-Girl is my all-time favorite superhero. I can probably write a book about why Spider-Girl is one of the best characters in comic books, but to keep this short Spider-Girl is a great character because she doesn’t just kick ass. Throughout her 100+ issues she’s not just a hero, but a human being. We see her trials as a high school student trying to live up to her father’s legacy. She is trying to figure out the person she is supposed to be, and isn’t that what every high schooler is trying to do? May has to discover herself with the weight of the world on her shoulders.   There are many more women in comics who didn’t make this list. So who are the female comic book characters you find inspirational? Let us know in the comments below.


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