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Wonder Con – Boom! Studios Panel

The panel opened up with talking about Hellraiser selling out in 2-1/2 days at the distributor level. Matt the EIC knows Clive from his time at working in a comic shop. Clive used to be a customer and is pretty normal. Clive is a true blue comic fan and knows his Kirby, Silver Age and even modern comics. Talking about the prelude which you can still download it on our site here! They discuss their market research that a lot of people don’t know that comics come out every Wednesday. Talking to their retail partners they said the free prelude was one of the things that drove new readers to the shops. Hellraiser is the first on-going mature reader’s book.

Planet of the Apes is a new ongoing series with classic movie continuity from the first five movies. They’ll be a lot of recognized characters in the first issue and a lot of new characters. Discussing that they had to find a way to do it like they’ve handled other titles like 28 Days Later and Farscape. Darryl is the next writer that Boom! is going to be spotlighting. They showed the first five pages for the first time ever which I’m sure are already somewhere on line.
Planet of the Apes Comic
Moving on to Elric – Crowd issues no cheers… crappy crowd.

They talked about the FCBD prelude which you can get more information for here as well. Elric will have an Afterword by Neil Gaiman. Elric is like the anti-Conan. He has a sword that thirsts for human souls called Stormbreaker. The panel agrees that it is one of the best fantasy weapons ever. Moorecock popularized the multiverse concept. Fans of the Moorecock universe will be pleased as the Elric series will have a bunch of Easter eggs in continuity of the universe. They had a rundown of the covers and their all pretty cool, if you want the kick ass covers which are way better, then you need to bug your retailer to order enough to get them. Elric has the Dingo artist; you can read the review for that on the site here as well.

Talking about the Diamond award they received, you can get more info on our site here. This year they received 7 nominates for Eisner awards for the first time, 2 Harvey awards and won the award for the Muppet Show.

Next they moved onto the Stan Lee line of books. Discussing Stan’s involvement with the books and that he has a lot of input and corrections. Ross talks about being schooled by Stan several times in conversations. Great story about some pages that needed his corrections and that he’ll get back way before they expect.

Hellraiser 1 CoverQ&A

Q - Any of the previous editions of Too Much Coffee Man?

Dark Horse has it coming out in July.

Q - More plans to expand Irredeemable?

Stay tuned for more announcements. (Probably a cross-over event I’m thinking.)

Q - What other plans are there for Boom Town?

Slowly and steady and still closing deals so can’t talk about it yet. Some classic creators.

Q - Darkwing Duck Rescue Rangers cross-over?

No comment right now. (Which means it’s coming.)

That about wraps it up, nothing really new for readers of the site since we’ve covered most of this already, but still a good chunk of info for people unfamiliar with Boom!


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