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Wonder Con Review – Hey Derby Girl #1 & 2

Another book I picked up was the first two issues of Hey Derby Girl by Jeanne Beacom and Elle Skinner. Both issues are pretty short totaling around 15 actual pages of story each. The book follows Sweet Liberty, the newest member of the derby team the Gold City Wild Banditas. The first issue is really used to explain the rules of Roller Derby and establish Liberty as the newest member of the team. It’s her first night out and she’s nervous as hell which really comes across in the storytelling and art.

The second issue establishes her actual role on the team as the "beer wench" as she waits for her shot at the rink. She didn’t actually get to skate her first night, but she continues working hard and even does an exercise routine with one of the veteran members of the team. You can tell that Liberty really wants to get a spot on the team skating and as nervous and scared as she is, she’s ready.

Hey Derby Girl 02 CoverThe books are short and sweet and the story is just so-so. There isn’t a lot of character development or even back ground on Liberty. How she came to find this sport, why it’s important to her and what she’s trying to overcome in her life by doing this. She comes off like a very shy individual who might be doing it to give herself a confidence boost, but that’s just my take on it.

What I really enjoyed about the book was Skinner’s art work. She has a very distinct style that is cutie and bubbly while having a very realistic look to it. Perhaps it’s the set-up of the panels by using the foreground and the background effectively. The art is all black and white with strong grey tones that give it that extra bit of depth. It’s really the strongest part of the comic and lingered with me once I was done reading the book. I hope to see more of the book in general, but in particular Elle Skinner’s art as she shows strong potential at becoming a great visual storyteller. If you’re interested in learning more about the creators check out their sites. Jeanne’s is here and Elle’s is here.

Overall Score – 8.0/10



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