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WonderCon 2012 Announcements

WonderCon 2012 was this past weekend. If you guys never have heard of WonderCon 2012 it is a comic book convention just like San Diego Comic Con. There are always a lot of big announcements from the convention and I wanted to bring you guys some of the announcements from this year’s WonderCon.

 Dc Comics:

Here are some things that were said at the Dc Comics Panel:

Batman Earth One will be Batman learning the ropes and making mistakes. It shows how Batman is only human. If you enjoyed Superman Earth One, here is some exciting news Superman Earth One Volume 2 will be coming out November. The book will introduce Parasite into Earth One.

 Scott Snyder than started to talk about Swamp Thing. He will be bringing Arcane back. This will lead to “Dead World” in Animal Man. The crossover between Swamp Thing and Animal Man will begin in Swamp Thing issue 13.

 There was a reference in the panel that Dc will be bringing back Lobo to the New 52.

 Lobdell talks about Teen Titans issue 10. There will be a little break after the events of N.O.W.H.E.R.E. Kid Flash will grow a relationsip with someone on the team. Red Robin will also explore the role as leader of the Teen Titans. We will also have an origin story for Wondergirl.

 In Superboy issue 10 we will get to see the relationship between Superboy and Cassie grow.

 Green Arrow will be getting a cameo in Justice League.

The characters you will be seeing in the upcoming series the Ravangers are Ridege, Beast Boy, New Thunder, Lightning, and New Terra.

 Shazam will be in the Dc Comics Free Comic Book Day issue.

 When some of audience asked questions Dc revealed that Amanda Waller will have a semi-origin story to explain the change in her character. There are also plans to explore the early relationship between Clark and Bruce.

 In upcoming “Flash” issues there will be a reintroduction of Groilla Grodd, which leads to a showdown with Flash and the Rogues.

 I Vampire will have a tie in with Justice League Dark. The Justice League Dark team will help the I Vampire crew fight the vampire, Armugeddon.

 There will be a Green Lantern Surprise for the Dc Comics Free Comic Book Day issue.



Here are some things that were said at the Marvel Panels:

In the upcoming story arc for Amazing Spider-man “Ends of the Earth” we will see the return of Dr. Ock. Slott and Guiseppe Camuncoli will team up for a Lizard story called “No Going Back”. This story arc will start in June.

 Scarlet Spider will have an appearance of Kraven.

 In Venom issue 17 Cullen Bunn will join Rick Remender as a co-writer on the series.

 In April there will be a crossover between “Avenging Spider-man”, “Punisher”, and “Daredevil” called “The Omega Effect”.

 In July there will be a four part mini series called “Space:Punisher”. This will be about Punisher in space.

 Captian Marvel had been teased in the beginning of the week and Marvel assured us that we would learn more about the series at WonderCon. Marvel did disappoint we learned that Captain Marvel would be Carol Danvers, also known as Ms. Marvel. The series will be a little bit of an ongrowth from the pages of AVX.

X-treme X-men, which was also announced earliar this week, was talked about at WonderCon. The series will spin out of Astonishing X-men. Dazzler will be the center of the series.

 In 2013 you will be seeing more of the cosmic side of Marvel.

Marvel’s House of Idea’s panel talked about the new things with Digital Comics. There will be a promotion where if customers buy a digital comic they would get a five dollar coupon to their local comic book store. Marvel also mentioned about Marvel Augmented Reality, which will show some augmented features. It will be a behind the scenes with Marvel. Marvel also announced they will have a Might Marvel Podcast. This will allow you to have an in depth look at different creative perspectives.


Boom! Studios:

Here are some things that were said at the Boom! Studios Panel:

 Hellraiser is entering its second year of stories. You should expect new stories with Pinhead, but a new Pinhead. The old Pinhead will still be around though.

 There was a lot of discussion with Kaboom. Boom! Studios new kid comic books. Boom! will be working with the Peanuts property. Peanuts will be a series of mini series. They also talked about their very successful series Adventure Time. Adventure Time is a comic book series based on the Cartoon Network television show. The first two issues sold out very quickly because of the series popularity. Adventure Time issue 5 will bring covers from James Kolchaka, Chris Hoghton, Eleanor Davis, and Mike “Gabe” Krahulik. There will also be a back up story from Paul Pope in this issue.

 Daniel Johnston was recently hired by Boom! Studios. A project that he will be bringing to Boom! Studios is “Space Ducks” An Infinite Comic Book of Musical Greatness”

 The panel also released a teaser for Sam Humphries “Higher Earth”. The teaser said, “ Space is Dead, Welcome to a Higher Earth”. This issue will debut with a $1 price tag.

 Boom! Studios also announced a new series called “Extermination”.  This will be a post superhero comic book.


Here are some of the things that the IDW Panel announced:

 Fables has reached its tenth anniversary because of that Vertigo announced that they will be rereleasing the first trade for the series and have a new cover drawn by Mark Buckingham. Fables: Werewolves of the Heartland, which was announced in 2009, will be released in November 2012.

 The New Deadwardians will be written by Dan Abbett. The series is set in Victorian England, and all of the rich people in this time period will be able to take a zombie cure.

 Scott Snyder talked about American Vampire. In issue 25 there were be an epilogue. Also something terrible will happen to Perl and Henry. This will begin the story arc called “The Blacklist”. Calvin Poole will be a main focus in issue 26 and issue 27. Scott Snyder also stated that the series will be staying in the 1950’s for a while. In American Vampire: Lord of the Nightmares you will see characters from the first mini series return. You will also see a big revelation about vampires.

 On Free Comic Book Day, in May, there will be a preview for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo graphic novel. The volume will be released in November. There will be six graphic novels released.

 Vertigo also announced that they will be ending the series Scalped.




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