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World Of Tanks In Open Beta

In online games, “Tank” usually means a warrior whose job is to soak up damage and hold enemy Aggro while the mages blast away.  Well there’s a new MMO where everyone’s a tank, and they don’t need no squishy mages to do the damage dealing! 

Worlds of Tanks isn’t about elves and wizards; it’s a World War II game where very player is in charge of an actual tank.  Players will be tank commanders and their crew of NPCs will level up in MMO fashion.  The game will allow teams of up to fifteen players to participate in PVP team battles.  Gameplay combines action, strategy and MMO; tanks can be upgraded, and players can choose from 150 different vehicles with various specializations. World of Tanks will use a free-to-play model with micro-transactions to gain in-world money.  This can be used to buy premium upgrades for your tank, as well as provide access to premium game modes that grant extra experience.

It has been in closed testing for months, but just hit open beta, and anyone can sign up to test the game.  No official release date is set, but Armchair commanders interested in trying the game now can sign up for the beta at the WoT website.


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