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Worlds’ Finest #1 Review

Worlds’ Finest is one series that came out this week for the second wave of the New 52. I was pretty excited to see how this series would be because it spins right out of another second wave series Earth 2, which I really enjoyed. (My colleague Eric made a review for Earth 2 earlier this week if you want to learn more about the series) It was exciting to see how these two series connected with each other. If you read both of these series at the same time this issue would be more of an enjoyable read.

The cover summed up what the issue’s story was pretty well, which every cover should do. This is especially true for first issues because it is important to lure readers into reading a new series. I was not really impressed by the art for this issue though because compared to the art for Earth 2 the art for this series was a little sketchy at times.

In this issue Huntress and Power Girl are lost in the New 52 universe and are trying to go back home to their universe called Earth 2. But they still want to get adjusted to the universe they live in. Power Girl becomes a billionaire and Helena takes a new identity as Huntress. Will Power Girl and Huntress ever be able to go home to their own universe?

Don’t be scared to pick this issue up if you have never read anything with Power Girl or Huntress. I never read that many issues with these characters, but I still understood this issue because you don’t really need that much background information on these characters. Since they are from a different universe and have different stories with in that universe you are pretty much meeting new characters with this issue.

This issue was very well written. You are interested in these characters’ stories starting with page one. You want these characters to try to find a way home and you want to learn more about Earth 2, which is perfect since the Earth 2 series comes out the same week as this series every month. I hope we get to learn more about these characters past in the Earth 2 universe, but still be able to see how they handle living in the New 52 universe also.

Something I am very excited about with this series is that they can take risks. Dc finally has followed in Marvel’s footsteps to have a monthly series with a different universe other than the New 52 universe. Since this story is not really affecting the New 52 universe as much because it is more connected with Earth 2 that means they can take risks. Right from issue one, we find out that Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman have died in the Earth 2 universe. That would never be able to happen in the regular universe for DC. This shows that there can be a lot of great storytelling for the future of this series and the Earth 2 universe.

Even though I loved the story I didn’t love the art. The art was a little cluttered with a lot going on, especially in the first couple of pages. This could be something the series can improve on, but they would only have to make minor adjustments to make the art more enjoyable.

This was a great first issue for this series. It makes me want to pick up the next issue and it was a great start for the series. I hope this series is as good as it was in this issue for future issues. I recommend if you pick up Earth 2 though read Earth 2 first because this series spins out of an event that happened in that series. This is my pick for the week and I say pick this issue up.




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