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Wreck It Ralph 2 Confirmed!

"He's gonna wreck it again!"

Disney fans rejoice! Disney has officially announced a sequel to the 2012 Wreck-It Ralph! The animation folk have already started work on it.

Voice actor John C. Reilly sort of unofficially let slip the prospect of a sequel earlier this spring, but now we have confirmation!

The first film, of course, revolved around an old-school arcade, but it looks like things will be taking a more modern twist in this one! Disney tweeted the first concept art for the movie, showing Ralph and Vanellope ‘gone digital,’ parodying companies such as Amazon and Google. Check it out!

At least we know Sarah Silverman’s Vanellope is still around, and our fingers are crossed for appearances from Jane Lynch’s Calhoun and Ralph’s counterpart Jack McBrayer’s Fix-ItFelix!

We do not know much about the plot: “It’s top secret,” teased Reilly, “but I’ll tell you this much… Ralph leaves the arcade and wrecks the Internet. What could go wrong?” My mind immediately jumped to Wiki-leaks … but perhaps this kid’s film will keep things a little lighter than that!

We can’t wait to see Ralph wrecking once more! He’ll be smashing into theaters March 9 2018!


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