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Writer Hired for ‘Goosebumps’ Movie Treatment

New film adaptations of the popular '90s book series Goosebumps are in the works and Columbia Pictures has scared up a new writer in Darren Lemke. The studio is close to making a deal with the writer of Shrek Forever After and Bryan Singer’s upcoming Jack the Giant Killer.

Lemke will be the latest writer to attempt turning R. L. Stine’s enormous series of kid-friendly horror novels into a big screen feature. Columbia has been trying to make something out of the Goosebumps books since they picked up the rights back in May 2008.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Lemke has lately been busy with a new version of The Nutcracker for New Line. Lemke’s making a solid name for himself in kids movies, but Goosebumps could prove a challenge in a number of ways. There’s plenty of source material (over 150 books under the franchise umbrella) but how do you make a movie targeted at kids that’s also scary, or at least scary enough for the older generation who first read them? And no, that other Nutcracker movie doesn’t count.


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