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‘X-Men 3’ Writer Simon Kinberg to Pen ‘First Class’ Sequel

After the disappointment of X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, fans of the Marvel superteam the world over rejoiced when X-Men: First Class was released and won over critics and audiences. A sequel seems even more likely now that Simon Kinberg has been hired to write the script.

SuperHeroHype broke news of Kinberg's involvement. He has only been in Hollywood for a relatively short period of time, but he is 20th Century Fox's golden boy. His previous credits with the studio include the aforementioned critical disappointment X-Men: The Last Stand along with Mr. and Mrs. SmithJumper and next year's This Means War and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. He also had a hand in Warner Bros. hit Sherlock Holmes. 

Earlier in the year, "First Class" director Matthew Vaughn discussed his sequel ideas including an opening involving Magneto assassinating President Kennedy. Producer Lauren Shuler Donner has said she envisions a movie set in the 1970s and producer Bryan Singer wants to explore the Civil Rights Movement and Vietnam.

Fans might be a bit bothered by the choice to give anyone from "The Last Stand" a job on this film, but if Vaughn directs the sequel, perhaps he and writing partner Jane Goldman will do some work on it as well. 

Singer will also continue as a producer, so there's hope in that too. There is no word yet on anyone else joining the production but it is suspected that most of the "First Class" cast will be back thanks to contractual obligations.


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