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X-Men 4 and 5 In The Works

Hard to think it’s going on five years since the universally mocked X-Men: The Last Stand came to theaters, making the name “Brett Ratner” a trigger term for fanboys everywhere (if you wanted them to start yelling). Since that time, we’ve had X-Men Origins: Wolverine (yawn) and are waiting for X-Men: First Class to open before judgment can be passed, though fans have not been thrilled with the project's troubled schedule (including a number of reshoots).

Regardless, 20th Century Fox seems to have no intention of giving up the rights to the Marvel series. In a recent interview with Empire, producer Lauren Shuler Donner—who has acted as a producer for every “X-Men” film made to date—states that a direct sequel to 2006’s “The Last Stand” is in the works, with a treatment already written and passed to Fox execs (who apparently love it — go figure). Continuing on, this treatment for an “X-Men 4” (not surprisingly) is set up to bring “X-Men 5” to the masses.

So not only is the “First Class” film being groomed into it’s own series of films, Fox is hoping to reignite interest in the series begun by Bryan Singer back in 2000. Still, they may run into an issue as Marvel has been trying to get back the rights to their properties (Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, X-Men) since they started bankrolling their own films (the “Iron Man” series). Can the original series of films be saved after the mess that was “The Last Stand”? Can Marvel get in Fox’s way?

The Wolverine, the second film based on the Hugh Jackman character which just lost Darren Aronofsky is still in pre-production while the Deadpool film continues to float around as well.


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