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X-Men Destiny: New Gameplay Trailers

In principle, the X-Men comic series has all the necessary ingredients for a fun successful game.  The movie franchise, while not always spectacular, opened it up to a large audience; it’s full of diverse characters with wild and wonderful powers and has the cross-media power of Marvel Comics behind it.  However, for one reason or another, the X-Men have never had their Arkham Asylum. The closest they got was 2004’s X-Men Legends.

Well, that could all be set to change this month with the release of X-Men Destiny, a third-person action/brawler that puts you in the shoes of a new mutant recruit with powers lifted from some of the most famous X-Men in the Marvel universe.  A few new gameplay videos have been released, showing off the new characters using powers inspired by famous X-Men such as Havok, Juggernaut and Emma Frost.

X-Men Destiny looks to be following the example of DC Universe: Online to a degree by asking players to create their own mutant instead of using one of the famous characters. However, it won’t feature the same degree of character creation, instead giving you three different unknown mutants to choose from and customise.  

The gameplay looks fast and fun, but it remains to be seen whether the X-Men can get over their video game hang-up and really bring us into their part of the Marvel universe.


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