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X-Men Destiny Unveiled

Hot on the heels of the new film X-Men: First Class, the first details of the latest mutant game X-Men: Destiny have been released by Publisher Activion Blizzard and Developer Silicon Knights.  X-Men: Destiny is an upcoming action game based on the Marvel Franchise and is being developed by Canadian studio Silicon Knights who are best known for the spectacular Gamecube title Eternal Darkness.

In X-Men: Destiny you take on the role of one of several all new characters in an original story written by Mike Carey the writer of X-men: Legacy. The game opens with you attending the funeral of Professor X (Who is dead in the game's timeline) and the plot revolves around "X-Genes" which give mutant powers.  They function like customizable perks and abilities for your character that will allow you to play around with different mutant powers. Players will be able to mix and match different X-genes to make their character more effective at different things.

While Silicon Knights' last game Too Human was less than a huge success it looks like X-Men: Destiny is going to be a game that X-Men fans should definitely keep an eye on. It places a significant focus on player choice and gamers will get to make several important decisions through the game which can have a dramatic impact on both story and gameplay. Many of these important choices will involve your characters interactions with famous characters from both the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants.


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