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X-Men: First Class Affinity – Emma Frost

The Hellfire Club had numerous wealthy and influential members like Sebastian Shaw, but there was only one White Queen.  Emma Frost was the former White Queen of the Hellfire Club before joining the X-Men. A powerful dominatrix with a high and mighty attitude living up to her name, Emma can turn her body to diamond to deflect bullets and has telepathic powers capable of rivaling the toughest of mutants. Emma started out as a rich kid from Snow Valley, Massachusetts.  She lived with her father, mother, two sisters and her brother and surprisingly Emma cared the least about her wealth and was a shy girl in school.  She was not the A student her father constantly pressured her to be, until she hit puberty and her telepathic powers began to surface. Emma Frost a.k.a. the White Queen in the Hellfire ClubUsing her telepathic powers Emma not only got better grades, but found out about her teacher’s secret crush on her.  Returning his feelings she unthinkingly kisses him.  The next day the teacher has left after being blackmailed by Emma’s father who filmed the entire event.  As revenge Emma found out several secrets about her family: her father was cheating on her mother.  Emma also accidentally found out her brother was secretly in a relationship with another man.  When her father finds out about her tactic of using her families secrets to her advantage he is impressed and wants to give part of his fortune to her, but she refuses when she finds out her brother was put into a mental asylum by her father. Emma got away from her family and struck out on her own.  She became involved with Troy Killkelly, whom she discovered was in the mob.  They pretended to kidnap money to extort money from her family, but then the mob decided to really kidnap and kill her.  After Emma won a telepathic battle against another telepath known as Astrid Bloom she left and later got a job at the Hellfire Club. Emma Frost and Cyclops having a telepathic affair with Jean Grey walking in on them.The Hellfire Club was a group run by mutants that considered themselves better than other mutants. The members of the group were named after chess pieces and Emma was given the name White Queen.  She left the Club, not by her own choice.  When she ended up in a coma after the Club was attacked by Trevor Fitzroy, a time-traveling mutant, she was later revived in the Xavier Institute. After the Generation X story arc when Emma helped battle Phalanx with the other X-Men, Emma decided to teach on Genosha, an island inhabited by mutants.  She was forced to leave when the island was wiped out during the Sentinel Genocide.  She was able to survive when her second power surfaced: the ability to transform her body into diamond.  When leaving Genosha Emma decided to go to the Xavier Institute and teach there.  She began to have a telepathic affair with Cyclops.  After Jean Grey, Cyclops’ girlfriend, died, Emma had an open relationship with Cyclops.  Despite her close relationship with Cyclops, Emma was secretly still in contact with the Hellfire club. She would go on to join Norman Osborn’s team, Cabal, on the condition that any captured mutants would not be treated poorly.  After joining Osborn in the Dark Reign story arc, Emma fought with the Void in the next story arc, Utopia.  She managed to defeat Void while in her Diamond form, but a piece of him was trapped within her.  After this event she was warned to never transform back into her regular form again since the Void could return.  The Void was removed for her body when she and Cyclops traveled into her mind with the help of Xavier’s telepathic abilities. The White Queen will be making an appearance in X-Men: First Class and be played by January Jones (Mad Men). January Jones playing Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class


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