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X-treme X-men #1

X-treme X-men is a new addition to all of Marvel’s X-men titles. There are a lot of X-men titles out there right now. So, the question about this title is if it is good addition or just a waste a space?

The cover for this issue was my favorite cover that came out this week. It had great artwork. But most importantly it would catch a lot of Nightcrawler fan’s eyes since the 616 version of Nightcrawler died in the X-men event called Second Coming. So, now Nightcrawler fans can get a story with him every month with this new X-men series.

In this issue, Cyclops asks for Dazzlers’ help when Wolverine, Emma Frost, and Nightcrawler come through a portal to the 616 universe.

When I first picked up this issue I thought this series was creative. It wasn’t like all the other X-men titles out there. It had some of our favorite X-men in a different way because they are from a different universe. But when you actually read the issue you don’t learn anything about these new characters. We may learn more about them in future issues, but they should of tried to introduce these new characters in the first issue. These characters didn’t feel like they had a personality.

The series is a little cheesy, which I could have predicted. Dazzler’s dialogue can make you laugh out loud because of how cheesy it is. For example, when Dazzler is trying to attack the monster she says, “You’re not going anywhere, big guy. But don’t worry the B-side totally rocks.”

The end of the story doesn’t really leave the series to have much story for future issues. Dazzler, James Howlett, Emmeline Frost-Summers, and Kurt Waggoner have to chase evil Professor Xavier heads for future storylines. It is going to be hard to make each issue different and interesting if the team in chasing evil floating Xavier heads. These evil floating heads is another example of the cheesiness of this series.

But this series is not all bad. If you are a fan of Dazzler than you may enjoy this series a lot. We haven’t seen Dazzler star in a series since the 80’s. Now we get to see her star in her own series again. We see how much she has changed since her solo series to now.

This series has potential, but had a little bit of a bad start. If you are a Dazzler fan and can handle some cheesiness this issue is worth picking up to give the series a try.  




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