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Xbox 360 Gets Exclusive Crysis 2 Demo on January 25

EA along with Crytek  have announced a Crysis 2 multiplayer exclusive demo for Xbox 360. The demo will be available to download on January 25 for Xbox Live Gold Members. Crysis 2 is Crytek's highly anticipated sequel to Crysis and will be released on consoles later this year.

The demo will contain two different game modes. "Team Instant Action" mode is a team death-match mode. The other mode is "Crash Site" mode, where you need to control alien drop pods to gain points. Both modes will be playable on the "Skyline" map. Crysis 2 takes place in New York City so it almost sounds like the map will be taking place atop buildings.

Crysis 2 will feature the Nanosuit that gives you superhuman like strength. With the Nanosuit you will be able to run fast, jump great distances, and turn invisible. The games compete multiplayer will feature 12 different maps and a ranking system with a level max of 50. It will also feature load-outs for your weapons and Nanosuit.

Crysis 2 multiplayer is being handled by Crytek UK. Crytek UK is Crytek's "Specialist Mulitplayer Studio". I have high hopes for this multiplayer. They have a whole studio set aside to develop the multiplayer. That shows that Crytek is not throwing a multiplayer together.  It show that they really care to make a great multiplayer experience. There will be a lot to play on January 25, with EA releasing this demo, the demo for Bulletstorm, and Dead Space 2. I am not sure what I will be playing but there is a good chance it will be an EA product.


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