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Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle Missing AC Adapter

Those of you with multiple Xbox 360 consoles may want to take heed. If you buy the new Kinect Xbox 360 bundle, you will not receive a Kinect power adapter. The reason of course is that the new 360's do not require the power cord as they have a dedicated port so the Kinect can draw its power directly from the console. If you want to use the Kinect on another 360 in your house, say one that is not a Slim, you may be out of luck. The only way to get the cord is to buy the standalone Kinect.

That's right, you cannot obtain the power cord any other way. Microsoft does not offer them separately and it may be several weeks or possibly months before Microsoft even entertains the notion of selling the power adapters separately. In the meantime, if you have several 360's and want to use the Kinect on more than just one of them, then you may want to stick with buying a standalone Kinect.


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