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Xbox 360 The Witcher 2 Not A Port

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is a game that takes pride in itself, a trait oddly foreign in this market, but being a dark deconstruction of the usual medieval fantasy tropes may be riding that very sensitive line between extremely nerdy and tragically beautiful.  It was an ambitious thing. This is probably why developer CD Projekt is taking pride in the upcoming Xbox 360 port of the game. Of course, don’t let them hear you calling it a port.

“Witcher 2 on Xbox 360 is not just a simple port of a PC game, it’s an adaptation, […] our newest game has been enhanced with many new features, and according to many specialists it’s one of the best looking games on Xbox 360 ever.” Says Michal Nowakowski of CD Projekt.

The developer also has some big news about the port-daptation on its way. CD Projekt will be holding an online conference on Thursday. Among the revealed news will be a release date and additional trailer.  So all we have until Thursday, waiting with bated breath to see exactly how The Witcher 2 will be gracing our consoles with its uniquely dark take on story telling.

Oh, and sexual content. That too. There will be plenty of that.



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