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Xbox Deals of the Week- 5/24-5/30

With a new week comes a new Deal of the Week on Xbox Live. This week, it's more of a "Deal's of the Week" thing, as not one, not two, but three games have had their prices slashed (for one week only of course). The games are:

  • Lazy Raiders; 50% off; 400 MS Points
  • Madballs Babo: Invasion; 50% off; 400 MS Points
  • Band of Bugs; 50% off; 400 MS Points
  • Avatar Wave Snowball Fight; 67% off; 80 MS Points

That is it! I am considering picking up Lazy Raiders as I've heard some nice things about it but for the rest of them, I have no advice. Madballs sounds terrible from just the name and Band of Bugs doesn't look horrible. If that Avatar Wave Snowball Fight thing is similar to the free snowball game that was released on Xbox Live for a limited time a while ago, it's not even worth navigating through the clunky Indie game menu to find.

Also, there are some avatar props (Props for your avatar... Not props from the game/movie Avatar) that have received price slashes but why would you want them?


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