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Xbox Economist (07/14/10)

Hello, and welcome to the first of hopefully many installments of Xbox Economist. This feature will present you with a little bit of gaming goodness that will be kind to your wallet in these harsh times. We guarantee you'll never spend more than $20 on gaming goodness. These are not reviews, but simply recommendations for games that are at a great price point.

This week week we thought we'd go all out and show you the cheapest of the cheapest game out there to get your kicks. That game is Ska Studios' “I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1N IT!!!1.” The game is another arcade analog-shooter, but this one has something special about it. You can say it was the great selection of weapons, the tons of zombies after your life, the trippy visuals, or even the great theme song. No, these are all just the icing on the cake. The best thing about the game is that it only costs a dollar!

This is not only the best XNA (Indie) game, but it is one of the top games available for download on the system. Sorry PS3 and Wii, but you can only find this gem on Xbox 360. I highly recommend that if you haven't spent the 80 MSP that you do so now. For those still worried about dishing out for the game there is a free demo available, but really it's just a dollar. You can find it in the game market place under “Indie Game,” or you can download now right from Microsoft's site.


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