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Xbox Economist (07/21/10)

Hello, and welcome to another session of the Xbox Economist! The feature where we show you the best way to spend your buck, and give you the best fun to price ration possible. As always be mindful that there might be small spoilers, and that this is not a review (it's a friendly recommendation). Also there may be naughty language.

This week we leave the fun loving zombie killing we discussed last week, and focus on something far more dark and scary. The game of course being Condemned: Criminal Origins. A game that I highly recommend you play in the light, and during the day.

The story is simple, you are a cop framed for killing your partner by the serial killer you were chasing down. From there it becomes your job to catch this serial killer, and uncover the truth. However like many cases the truth is far more disturbing than we might want to know, or be able to handle.


The game is a first person survival horror game, and survival is truly the name of the game. Guns are sparse, and ammo is even harder to find. This game of survival will have you ripping out pipes, picking up 2x4's, and some times having to make due with your fists. Though you do have your taser to take down the crazed drug addicts (and other foes) that inhabit the city, but it won't stop them for too long. The cool thing too looking back is that this game was pretty ahead of its time. Remember searching around for clues in detective mode in Arkham Asylum? This game did it four years before it.

It's worth mentioning that this game is a mind fuck! There is no other way to say it. The game hits you with such terrifying images, and so violent that this will easily get people jumping out of their seats. Besides that like a good horror game you have no idea what the hell is going on. Even in the end you won't. However it's just way to much fun to care.

Also to kill two birds with one stone I should also mention that there is a second game which you should also play as well. Oh, and yes it is much more messed up than the first game. If you want more information on that game please comment, and maybe next week I will talk about the game.

The game is a bit old, and so Amazon is your best bet to get it new. GameStop also still carries it new, but again availability depends on your location. Speaking of GameStop if you want to pick it up used it is at the low low price of $3.99 (plus tax), and is available online and possibly in store


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