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Xbox Economist Double Feature

Hello, and welcome to a special session of the Xbox Economist! This time the feature will be show you the best way to spend your buck, and give you the best fun to price ration possible. However unlike before it will be giving you double the usual amount of cheap games that you should try out, As always be mindful that there might be small spoilers, and that this is not a review (it's a friendly recommendation). Also there may be naughty language.

For our first game I decided to talk about Condemned 2, the sequel to last Xbox Economist game. Now if you remember what I said about the last game you might know pretty much how this game is. However this game is different in as many ways as it is the same.

First off the story takes place a bit after the first. Ethan Thomas, the main character from the first game, returns as the protagonist of the game. This time however he is broken from the events of the last game. He has been kicked off the force, and is now just a drunk on the streets. However he soon finds himself back in the cat and mouse game with Vanhorn. This time though though there is another strange force at work. A black ooze has started to appear, and is causing strange things to happen. It is up to Ethan to track down Vanhorn, and figure out what both forces want from him. 

As far as gameplay goes it is much more refined from before. Most control issues have been fixed, and there are far more weapons. The one thing I should point out too is the game picks up at the same level of fright that the first game started at, and progressively gets scarier. Not to say the game wont toss you a random scare.

Overall this is a standard sequel. It does some things better than the first game, but I still think it has a weird ending. Then again it's a weird game. Like I said before Amazon is your best bet, but it is easier to find a new copy of Condemned 2 than the first game.

So, with one down I want to mention a second game. I should warn you that this game is different. While I usually recommend tittles that are good, but possibly overlooked this is something worth experiencing. This game is Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard.


First off Eat Lead is not a good game as far as gameplay goes. It is really just a standard third person shooter, and offers nothing special in that respect. What the game excels at is being funny. If you've been playing games as long as I have you'll get all the jokes, and really appreciate the humor. The game rips on the industry so well, and more than likely you'll laugh. Even if it's making fun of a game you like. With the voice talent of both Will Arnett and Neil Patrick Harris you can't go wrong.

All in all the game is like the Rocky Horror Picture Show of video games. Some may not like it, but if you are willing to overlook it's flaws you will have a good time. It is not a game that you will probably run across in stores now, but it can be bought new on Amazon for a good price from $13.19 to $3.30.


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