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Xbox Indie Titles Officially “Games” Again

After being shuffled around by Microsoft, Xbox Live Indie Games have been returned to the Games & Demos section of the Xbox Marketplace, reports gameindustry.biz.

The re-re-categorizing follows last week’s update to the Xbox dashboard, which placed the indie games in the “Specialty Shops” section alongside clothes for Xbox Avatars. Furthermore, the indie games no longer showed up in Marketplace search results.

Though Microsoft said that the move was meant to make Xbox Live Indie Games easier to find, many indie developers saw their work as being marginalized by Microsoft. A gameindustry.biz article from last week quotes Xbox indie developer Michael C. Neel as saying, “We [are] now beside the walking dead Game Room…The list of Specialty Shops is almost a ‘VH1 Where are they now?’ episode.”

The developers have their wish now, with Xbox Live Indie Games returned to the Games & Demos section of the Xbox Marketplace. Why not use this as a chance to sample some indie games, like the JRPG homage “Breath of Death VII” or the giant-chicken simulator “Oh Noes!!!”?


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