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Xbox Live Achievement Numbers Are Astronomical

It is no secret that Microsoft's achievement system has been a rousing success. You only need to look at the imitators to see the massive impact that it has had on the gaming community and gaming culture. Playstation 3's trophies, Steam Achievements, and even World of Warcraft achievements are all born out of the success of Microsoft's service.

Kotaku recently learned the true number of achievements unlocked and the numbers are astounding. Since the achievement system was implemented in 2005, 6.3 billion, yes you read that correctly billion, achievements have been unlocked by gamers all over the world.

In related statistics, the global median of all the gamerscores is a respectable 11,286. Finally the moment you've been waiting for, the total Gamerscore of every Xbox Live member (as of March 2011) is a ridiculous 176,802,201,383. To put that in perspective, that total took over 4 billion hours to achieve by the gaming community.

I'm unsatisfied with that number, let's shoot for 200,000,000,000.


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