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Xbox Live Deal of the Week: Zeno Clash

This week's Xbox Live Deal of the Week is Zeno Clash.

"The vastly enhanced Zeno Clash Ultimate Edition features new modes including all-new online and split-screen cooperative mode for the Tower and Pit Challenges, along with new combat moves, new weapons, and a whole new Zeno Rush gameplay mode. Zeno Rush mode lets players compete against themselves and each other (via online leaderboards) in trying to complete select scenarios from the single-player campaign in the shortest times possible. All this added content, combined with a series of tweaks and improvements based on fan feedback, deliver the definitive version of the critically acclaimed game.

Zeno Clash Ultimate Edition is available on Xbox LIVE® Arcade for 800 Microsoft Points, for a limited time. Visit the official game website (www.zenoclash.com) for more information."

I personally didn't think that at fifteen bucks (1200 points), Zeno Clash was worth it, but with the slight saving in money, picking up Zeno Clash may not be such a bad idea. I found the game very uninteresting and daunting with its first-person fighting controls and odd story that just did not click with me, though I know a few people that absolutely loved it. So, if you have some free time and ten bucks to spare, take a shot on it!

Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition is available now. 


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