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Xbox Live DLC Free and Cheap!

What a great month to get downloadable content from the Xbox Live Arcade! Prices have been slashed in half and some game downloadable content is even available for free! Make sure you take full advantage of this one, XBLA lovers.

First up is the game known as Comic Jumper developed by Twisted Pixel (makers of 'Splosion Man and The Maw). Twisted Pixel is known for making great original games. Comic Jumper falls right into that category. The price for this game is now 10 dollars! Now we can all get the Comic Jumping fun at a great price!

Next up is the downloadable content for the popular game Red Dead Redemption.  Rockstar, the developer, has decided to charge absolutely nothing! The content contains online multiplayer features including the use of new characters that many have been dying. Strap those saddles back on and join the Red Dead Redemption world for no charge at all!


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