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Xbox Live Gets a Little More Pricey

360 fans got an interesting surprise this morning. Microsoft announced their intentions to increase the monthly costs of their Xbox Live services. The change is set to begin November 1st 2010 and will effect all price plans in North America and the UK. Microsoft has been adding new features and content to Xbox Live since it's initial release. With the addition of ESPN 3 and Video Kinect features this fall it is no surprise that the month cost got a little boost.

New pricing plans as of November 1st are as follows:

1 Month - $9.99
3 Month - $24.99
12 Month - $59.99

However gamers will still have a chance to retain the original savings plan if they act fast. You can currently purchase a year subscription at the low, low cost of $39.99. After November 1st the yearly cost will skyrocket back to $59.99 USD so die hard Xbox Live gamers will want to jump on the 20 dollar savings.

Head over to Xbox.com to take advantage of the savings before it's too late.


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