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Xbox Live Indie Games Summer Uprising Coming Soon

Sure, we're all excited about Gears of War 3 next month, but remember that your Xbox also has an extensive library of lower profile games in the Xbox Live Arcade Indie section.  Hard-working, talented people put some simple, yet great games for sale there often costing a mere dollar, and several Xbox Indie developers are launching a promotion to highlight the best of them.  It's called the Indie Games Summer Uprising, and it will showcase a different game each day for two weeks starting August 22nd.

The event kicks off next Monday with Raventhorne, and you can see the full schedule below.
Monday, August 22: Raventhorne
Tuesday, August 23: Battle High: San Bruno
Wednesday, August 24: Cute Things Dying Violently
Thursday, August 25: T.E.C. 3001
Friday, August 26: Doom and Destiny
Monday, August 29: Take Arms
Tuesday, August 30: SpeedRunner HD
Wednesday, August 31: Train Frontier Express
Thursday, September 1: Fan Vote #1
Friday, September 2: Fan Vote #2

See more about the promotion, at the Summer Uprising's website



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