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Xbox Live Veterans to get Custom Xbox Console

Microsoft is looking to reward longtime subscribers of its gold service with a free console.  The company announced today that it will be sending 250GB custom systems to subscribers who have been with them the longest

Custom Xbox Live Subscriber 360

What hasn't been announced yet is what the full qualifications are that a gamer must meet to be rewarded with this nice prize.  However, it has been suggested through a few other news sites that the system will be sent out to those that have been subscribing since 2002, marking ten years of the service, with an additional voucher for a year's worth of Xbox Live Gold.

Since debuting in 2002, Xbox Live has rapidly grown to 40 million subscribers, and users log on an average 84 hours per month. But as Microsoft has stated over the course of the last several E3's, gaming is just one part of the service.  Gamers are using services like Netflix and ESPN more then actually playing games on the system.

Personally, I think this is a great way to reward longtime members of the groundbreaking service.  While I've only been a subscriber for seven years coming up on November 22nd, this is a fantastic approach to marketing.

Have you been a Xbox Live subscriber since 2002 and looking forward to this new Xbox 360 console as a reward? Let us know in the comments below. 


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