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Xbox One Dashboard Supposedly Leaked

Let’s all take this one with a big pinch of salt before we go any further as most of the time it turns out to be completely false. A video has surfaced over the weekend that supposedly shows the new dashboard and UI for the Xbox One, coming worldwide on November 22nd. The console in the video is most likely a dev kit and shows what is more than likely the early beta stage of what will be the final dashboard. Check out the rather strange video below.

It looks like you would imagine, a cross between Windows 8 and the current Xbox 360 dashboard. Most notably the video shows the fast switching between different applications as the player pauses their game of Ryse (beta version) and can still explore everything on the dashboard. It is slower than previous demonstrations but as the random man in the video states, this is an early beta version of the dashboard.

Overall this video is really strange as the guy doesn't mind talking constantly and even showing his face briefly even though what he is doing is far from legal at this point. Why someone would want to take the risk in making this is very odd and really asks more questions than it answered. Once again, put this firmly under interesting and not fact, but it’s probably our first true glimpse at the next gen of console UI.


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