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Xbox One Elite Controller Release Date Announced

"Just in Time For Halloween"
Xbox one elite controller
Microsoft has announced the release date of their new Xbox One Elite Controller. The new controller will be released on Oct. 27th.
The Elite controller is Microsoft's "pro-level" controller and will have lots customization options and have new features that the basic controller doesn't have. The Elite controller allows for players to switch out and use different d-pads, mess with the throw of the triggers and more.

The controller was first unveiled at E3 2015 and we now have a solid date for when Xbox One owners will get their literal hands on it. There will also be a Xbox One Elite bundle which will come with a 1TB Hard Drive and the Xbox One Elite controller. This bundle will go on sale on November 3, 2015 and will cost $499.
The Xbox One Elite controller can be  purchased separately for $149 and will be released on Oct. 27th.


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