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Xbox One No Longer Requires Kinect to Operate

It seems like Microsoft reversing all their policies and features planned for the Xbox One is a weekly occurrence lately. And if you are still keeping count, here’s another pretty significant change for the console. Previously we were told that the Kinect which comes with every console was required to be plugged in to the console for the entire machine to function. But now it seems that is not the case, with limited functionality available without.

If you want to use the Kinect features, then obviously it will still need to be set up, but if you just want to play games like a normal person with a controller it seems that is now the case. This also opens up a potential cheaper Xbox One down the line that doesn't include Kinect so it will be closer to the Playstation 4 price, just don't expect that anytime soon.

It seems that this is more good news for gamers though I am concerned with Microsoft and their ability to completely backtrack on their vision. Whether I liked their choices or not, at least they had a vision for the future and the two consoles seemed pretty different. Now it just looks like two very similar consoles that are both good and the only difference is the occasional exclusive game. And that to me just isn't as exciting.


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