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Xbox One Titanfall Bundle Announced & UK Price Drop

Lots of very exciting news today for people who were on the fence about whether or not to buy a Xbox One in anticipation of Titanfall’s release. If you did wait to buy a new console then you might wanna snap up a very good bundle that Microsoft just announced. The Xbox One Titanfall Special Edition Bundle will be available on March 11th and will retail for $499.99, the cost of a regular Xbox One console currently. The bundle is primarily exactly the same except you get a digital copy of Titanfall to play, so this is a very good deal if you haven’t bought one of the new consoles already.

It is a slight shame that the console and controller are still the standard versions, especially considering there is a special Titanfall controller coming up which would have been a nice extra. Still, this pretty much means you get a free copy of Titanfall with any new Xbox One, while stocks last of course. No word if early adopters will receive any kind of reward, as losing out on a free game due to buying the console in the first four months will be slightly disappointing for the hardcore Xbox fans.
Perhaps even more surprising, the Xbox One will also receive an official price drop in the UK starting from next week. The console currently retails at £429.99 and will now cost £399.99, dropping some of the parity between the two consoles as the Playstation 4 costs £349.99. This will also apply to the Titanfall bundle so you will be getting the new console and game for just £399.99 as opposed to £479.99. That is a very considerable difference and could be a very big turning point for the console which so far has been outsold by the PS4 in the UK quite considerably. No word yet on if the price drop will be coming to the US or other territories.


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