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Xbox One’s Release Date Announced

Wanna know when the next generation begins for Xbox? Well we just so happen to now know exactly when you will be getting the Xbox One later this year. The console will launch worldwide on November 22nd, the same day the Xbox 360 launched back in 2005. So if you haven’t pre-ordered already now may be the time to do so.   To compare, the Playstation 4 comes to North America on November 15th with a European release following two weeks later on November 29th. So the Xbox One is coming to Europe before the PS4 but after it in North America. This shows that Microsoft are heavily targeting the European market especially with the addition of a free copy of FIFA '14 with every pre-order of a day one edition Xbox One. And limited stock is still available if you wish to still use this very generous deal. I’m sure Microsoft had wanted to get out sooner but it seems that just was not an option. Releasing 2nd, missing the Call of Duty Ghosts launch day, a $100 dollar price difference and the overwhelming uncertainty surrounding the console, Microsoft are certainly facing an uphill battle. Let the console war begin.


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