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Xenoblade Chronicles X Trailer Details Story

"Launching for Wii U soon"
A new story-based trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles X launched earlier this week (and fan-subtitled), preparing itself for its Japanese launch next week.

In the game, your custom-made hero joins the BLADE organization, where they must explore the planet of Mira after losing the planet Earth to aliens, and must search lost pods that contain cryogenically frozen humans, lost when humanity landed on Mira.
The player will also take on quests to find items and defeat monsters for the citizens of the downed home base, New Los Angeles, or NLA for short. Like Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii and New 3DS, helping citizens will strengthen the player's affinity with them, which can help the player later form bonds with other citizens. The game will support online co-op for up to four players, and up to 32 players will be able to exchange information or do group quests in their own files to net a communal prize.
Xenoblade Chronicles X is slated to ship in Japan on April 29th, with a 2015 release window for North America, Europe and Australia.


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