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Xotic Shooting for XBLA this Summer

Continuing in the same style as The Club and Bulletstorm, developer WXP Games announced a new title today for Xbox Live Arcade called Xotic.

What they call a “hybrid” of the first person shooter and arcade genres, the goal in Xotic isn’t a high kill count; it’s climbing your way up the leaderboards with a high score.

Of course destroying enemies will help your cause; however shooting targets around the map can keep your chain going, along with picking up “Orb Essence,” and finishing levels with the best time. Power-ups are also scattered around each map.

Experience junkies will be glad to know that playing nets you XP, which can then be used to upgrade your character’s skills as well as their weapons.

Aside from the FPS and arcade hybrid being similar to Bulletstorm, the world they’ve created for Xotic is just as colorful, going against the standard grey and brown tones that are popular with the modern shooter.

WXP Games has experience with non-traditional FPS games, having worked on the Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball series for the last generation of consoles. Also, anybody who has been to DisneyQuest would be curious to know that WXP worked on the Cyberspace Mountain attraction.

While no specific date has been announced for Xotic, publisher TikGames is planning for a summer release.


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