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You Could Be on the Cover of Madden

Each year the discussion of who will appear on the cover of the annual iteration of the lead EA Sports franchise, Madden NFL Football, seems to escalate. It’s gone from an announcement of the athlete, to an announcement of multiple candidates, to a fan vote with multiple candidates, and now, taking a cue from March Madness, we’ve reached the point where the fans will be voting based on a 32-player bracket.

The list of players covers all NFL teams and includes such notables as Super Bowl-winning quarterback Aaron Rodgers from the reigning champion Packers, to the controversial QB from the Eagles, Michael Vick.

Probably the most interesting candidate is from the Seahawks: The 12th Man. That’s right, the noisiest bunch of fans from the NFL have out-ranked any of the current team roster and made it to the bracket. So if you’re a football fan in Seattle, this might be your chance to land on the cover of Madden. Of course it’s good to be aware of that “curse.” 

Voting takes place over at ESPN’s website, with each round lasting a week. Round one is on now, and the winner will be announced on ESPN2’s SportsNation.


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