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You Missed That Issue? Celadore #1

Welcome to a new series spotlighting some of the best single issues in comics from the past decade. You will not find Watchmen, Sin City, Dark Phoenix Saga or Action Comics #775 anywhere on this list. These are comics that, with a little effort, you'll find on the Internet or lost in the back issues of your comic book store. Because this article is not a review, and since these issues are not necessarily new, any surprise, cliffhanger or death will be spoiled in an attempt to show why the book shouldn't have been missed.

Vampire hunters are cool.  They are tenacious and they are armed to the teeth with all the latest Vampire technology and they know all the ways how to kill a vampire.  Usually when you think of vampires, you think of big dudes who have nothing to lose and are very cool and calm people; and for the most part the hunters are men with the exception of Buffy. That is not what you get when you read Celadore.

Written and drawn by Caanan Grall,Celadore is about a female vampire hunter who is trying to stop Christian, an evil corporate vampire who recently has found the legendary day candle.  This day candle, if lite, has the ability to make vampires walk in broad day light. Celadore now has to try and stop Christian and destroy the day candle which he posses.  There is only one small problem.  Celadore’s spirit is now trapped in a comatose 11 year old body.  She manages to wake up the Child’s body, but she still has to stop these vampires in this form.

The characters in Celadore make this book a fun read and it is also a book that doesn’t really take itself too seriously. I mean when you take your main character and transform her from a hot butt-kicking vampire hunter to a simple 11 year old girl who can kicks butt and slay vampires it really takes away all the seriousness, and it also gives a different take on your average hero. Then there is the actual young girl Evelyn, which is a nice touch to Celadore’s character. She is more like the guide to Celadore in the first book and you almost feel sorry for her for being left out of her body through Celadore taking it.   But as the story progresses in the first book Evelyn then becomes more of a sidekick to Celadore and wants revenge for the vampires murdering of her parents. Then there is the comedic relief in the book with Sam. Sam is a young boy who sort of has a crush on Evelyn and is also a “ninja” or so he thinks he is. Throughout most of this first book Sam is assisting Celadore/Evelyn  in her escpae and he is fascinated with Celadore/Evenlyn on her recent vampire obsession. Sam is somewhat charming in the book.  He means well, but sometimes by him meaning well he gets himself in trouble and Celadore has to intervene and save him from his trouble.

So if you are into vampires and are looking for a different take on them then give Celadore a chance.  It is an independent book that has it all:  Vampires, fun, action, and comedy and some great art.  You can find the first issue of Celadore for free at comixlogy, the rest can be bought at the site or the app for 99 cents.  Happy reading!


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