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You Missed That Issue! – Haunt #2

Hey readers, this is another addition to the “You Missed That Issue!”. For those who may not know, this type of feature is dedicated to showing you what we believe are the new “classics” that have arisen in the past decade. There is a hitch however, as the comics we talk about are ones we believe were overlooked. We will talk about everything that happens in the comic trying to convince you why it is a “modern classic”, but it will be full of spoilers. So spoiler alert from now on guys.

Quick mention of what's happened; Daniel Kilgore is a troubled priest whose brother (Kurt) has been killed (turns out he was a secret agent). Daniel can see and speak to the ghost of his brother and when two men are sent to kill Kurt's wife Daniel combines with Kurt's ghost to create Haunt, who later kills the assassins. Now this is only a second issue of the new series by Robert Kirkman and co-creator Todd McFarlane, with art by Ryan Ottley (Invincible), but I believe it is one that truly kicked off the series. Another issue that is a great example of mixing action (or violence) with drama.

HauntStarting off, Haunt (Daniel), causes a bloody mess by jumping out of a building and killing two men who were setup outside. Kurt then tells Daniel to call a certain man, a cleaner, who admits he misses Kurt and will get to cleaning up the mess straight away. Daniel then spent the night over at Kurt's widow's place to keep an eye on her. After leaving Kurt has an argument with Daniel and finally snaps, it's in public and people just stare at him thinking he is crazy for yelling at himself.

When Daniel enters his church, there is a man with his stomach open with blood and guts oozing out. Daniel is then attacked by a large man equipped with many weapons. His name is Cobra. Upon being attacked Daniel combines with Kurt to once again become Haunt. After a violent fight, Cobra escapes as Daniel and Kurt have another argument with Daniel saying it is too much. Kurt then says he has something to show Daniel, which is the headquarters of where he worked.

I personally think this was a strong start for a new series. The drama really shows itself when you read the issue and as for violence, well there is plenty of that too. Now having read a year's worth of this series, it has had its ups and downs, but I hope it continues to strengthen and impress as issue 2 did. I recommend reading this if you are a fan of Spawn or other 90s titles from Image as this is somewhat of an homage.


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