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You Missed That Issue! – Orange Vol.1

Welcome to another addition of You Missed That Issue! where we tell you about a particular comic that has been neglected, much to the dismay of its creators and the people who have taken the time to read it. This hidden masterpiece we have today can only be bought on an iPod: Orange – and I warn you now there will be spoilers! Orange is a long one-shot spanning over a hundred pages that can be bought on iTunes (but only in French) or in paperback format. For those taking the time to translate the text, the story is the most heart-wrenching one I have ever read. The story revolves around a teenage girl named Orange who is extremely depressed after her much older boyfriend dumps her. Throughout the comic Orange complains about her problems, as if they are as tragic as a Greek tragedy. This can get slightly repetitive but makes the reader feel pity for the young girl who attempts to make her old boyfriend jealous. Tokyopop Orange Volume 1 Towards the end of the comic, Orange is standing on the roof of her apartment and is ready to jump off and commit suicide when her boyfriend stops her. He tells her the harsh truth: she's still young, and this is only her first heartbreak. He also mentions her problems are not serious now, and will only grow exponentially when she gets older. He tells her she does not know how bad real problems will get, but says if she wants to see someone die than it should be him – at which point he jumps from the roof and falls to his death. The conclusion was tragic and would resonate perfectly with a teenage girl. It is an extremely depressing story. If you are in an upbeat mood and don't want to cry, don't read it.  The artwork is stunning. It has an abstract quality with an array of wonderful colors that make the comic look foreign from any other you have ever read. The comic has flaws and is recommended for teenage girls. The artwork is still a foreign display of beauty that can be enjoyed by anyone, but the tragic story can contain a little too much angst and be a little too annoying about a girl crying over some boy. Stories about teenage girls are fine – but this one that is so extreme, it becomes a nightmare.


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