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You Missed That Issue! – Pete the P.O.’d Postal Worker #1

In another segment of "You Missed That Issue," we take a look at a classic comic that doesn't come from a big name publisher like Marvel or DC and was overlooked despite its 'charm.' Beware of spoilers! This comic is from Sharkbait Press and is cartoonish violence at its best with a mixture of insanity making you scared to get your mail in the morning. Who doesn't hate their job? After numerous dog attacks, uncooperative mail recipients, and terrible co-workers, Pete the postal worker finally goes insane. With a permanent grin on his face that would make the Joker cringe, Pete sets out to deliver the mail with an array of weapons and unbreakable perseverance to get the mail delivered no matter what.  Sharkbait Press: Pete the P.O.'d Postal Worker #1 written by Marcus Pierce Jr, and drawn by Pete GarciaThis issue is like a rerun of an old Roadrunner cartoon but with more realistic weapons and deadlier results. It's a hysterical read that will have you wishing you didn't find the antics of a deranged postal worker so funny. If you are a postal worker, this is a great issue to read for advice on how to take care of those evil pooches and angry bill receivers. Granted, Pete's method of setting them on fire will probably get you arrested so you should probably just enjoy what could be. Every moment in this issue is fun. Marcus Pierce Jr. (writer of Nice Guys Don't Get Laid) shows his twisted sense of humor right away in the issue by having Pete waking up, getting dressed, stuffing every weapon known to man in his mailbag, and having him head off to work to another stressful delivery day filled with murder and mayhem.  Pete, who was not allowed to deliver mail because of a previous 'incident,' is unfortunately the only one available for the job and heads back out into the streets to deliver the mail and some insanity on the unsuspecting residents of his designated mail route. Soon, men start hunting him because of the bounty put on his head from his previous 'incident.' He manages to fight them and the rest of the cranky neighborhood off with his array of weapons, which includes a shotgun and grenades.  This is when we see a daily routine reaching the levels of insanity you'd see in an issue of The Mask.  Every moment is action-packed with violent slapstick humor, but without the blood and gore – just creative, violent situations without the mess. There are no real morals to grasp from the comic, just a good time to be had.                The art from Pete Garcia is not a masterpiece but fits the cartoonish mood perfectly. The idea to make the comic black-and-white is an interesting one and definitely makes the comic stand out from others on the shelves. The art style accomplishes everything it needs to without going into too much detail with backgrounds and all of the characters. Pete the P.O.'d Postal Worker is not just a great read for postal workers, but anyone who despises their job. This comic will take the edge off during your coffee break with a lot of laughs.


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