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You Missed That Issue! – Shadow Hunter #1

Welcome to another segment of "You Missed That Issue" where we talk about a current issue that did not garner as much attention as it should have. You won't see the usually big time titles like Superman or Batman but a title you may have never even heard of. Hopefully this will give you some incentive to pick it up for the classic issue it is – but beware of spoilers! Even before talking about the comic Shadow Hunter stands out automatically by just looking at the cover. Not because of the gorgeous babe, but who she's based on and who created the comic (with the help of Christina Z, writer of Witchblade). Jenna Jameson, the porn star dubbed "Queen of Porn." I did not know that when I was reading this issue, but still had no expectations for it and got a huge surprise. Virgin Comics Jenna Jameson's Shadow Hunter written in part by Christina V and art by Mukesh Singh.A young girl, Jezzerie Jaden, is an orphan struggling to make a living in the city. If that lifestyle wasn't enough she decides to be the specimen for an experiment that lets a person relive their past life. Slowly Jezzerie finds out she's of a more... demonic nature. The story has a ton of clichés and feels a bit like Witchblade, but that's to be expected with Christina Z as the writer. But this tale seems even more graphic and darker. Jezzerie is a well-rounded character with a tough as nails attitude that, while being another cliché, works well. The story has sustenance to it. It's not too complex but not something to read too lightly: Jezzerie's "daydreams" that seem to become more akin to her reality are pretty deep and slightly eerie. While the story alone may not have made this issue a classic, the artwork was the final deciding factor and it screamed volumes for how incredible the work of Mukesh Singh could be, though not nearly as wonderful as the colors. The art made Jezzerie look good, as well as the New York setting and demonic creatures. The colors make everything even more appealing. In the first major fighting scene of the comic the pictures consist of mostly black and white imagery and as soon as the splashes of red blood hits the pages they really stand out. The color scheme varies greatly throughout the issue and the variety is breathtaking. The lab Jezzerie goes to is always a cool blue color making everything look surreal. The club where Jezzerie finds her boyfriend cheating on her is dripping with hot colors like pink and orange that make the place seem lively, and the fighting scenes have a bluish-grey tint that make the creatures Jezzerie fights seem all the more intimidating. Jenna Jameson's Shadow Hunter is a classic story. It may be riddled with clichés and feel like Witchblade, but having similar elements to a series that has been running for twenty years doesn't seem like a bad thing to me, especially when in this case it works. The story has a dark age despite not being a mind blowing epic and the combination of great art and even more beautiful symbolic colors makes Shadow Hunter all the more pleasing to the eyes of the reader. Virgin Comics Jenna Jameson's Shadow Hunter written in part by Christina V and art by Mukesh Singh.                                                                            Part of a four-issue mini series!


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