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Young Avengers #1 Review “Young Avengers Finally has an Ongoing Series”

I have been a Young Avengers fan since the first mini series. Fans of this team have been waiting for an ongoing series for a while, and now with Marvel Now we finally have a book to follow our favorite characters every month.

The cover introduces all the main characters with amazing art. You can see there are some characters from the beginning of the formation of the team and other heroes that are pretty new to the game. It was a perfect cover for the first issue for this series.

The story starts with Kate Bishop in space with an alien boy named Noh-Varr. They have a thing with each other that will probably develop throughout the series. Two new characters introduced are Miss America and Kid Loki. They have some banter, and we question Miss America’s motives. Wiccan and Hulking’s relationship is still going steady. But Wiccan sees that Hulking is upset that he doesn’t have any family. So, he tries to bring his mother back to life. Will this work?

I enjoyed this story, but it is far from the best number one that came out of Marvel Now so far. It is a little slow and if you know these characters than it is a little on the boring side. But this is all understandable because new readers need to catch up on these character’s stories also. This issue is a good set up for what the series is trying to accomplish, but hope to see more in the future.

The cliffhanger is pretty interesting and I think it will leave you with wanting more. I always think a good cliffhanger is needed in a number one issue because a lot of times number one issues are the make it or break it for some readers. So, the writers need to leave the readers wanting more that way they pick up the next issue.

If you read Avengers Children’s Crusade than you would notice that this is a continuation from that series. We see where these characters left off. Most of the heroes quit from the hero biz and I am sure that we will be seeing appearances of old members that quit in Avengers Children’s Crusade as this series continues. It is just going to take some time for new readers to get into this series. So, they may wait a little while before they bring more people from the past.

The characters they picked for this title makes sense. Every character they choose brings something different to the table. Even the new characters have an element of mystery to them, which a lot of readers enjoy. I am personally very excited to see Kate Bishop in this series because she is one of my favorite characters. She has always been headstrong and I am glad that shined in the first pages of this series. The series has a lot of potential. I wouldn’t judge by the first issue. This issue was slow, but I am sure it will pick up as the series adjusts.


As a fan that has loved this team since the beginning it is nice to see these characters grow. They are not going to stay teenagers forever. They started as teenagers in their first mini series, but now we are seeing them in their young adult years. We are going to see them adjust to adult hood with added feature of being superheroes.

The art fits this series very well.  It fits the teenage feel that this series is trying to have. I also love the coloring of the series. It uses many different colors to make this series very bright and uplifting.

Even though this issue was a slow start. I think this series has potential. I am very excited to see where these old and new characters go. If you liked the style of the story I would continue reading and see where this series takes us. Pick this up!



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