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Young Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle Casted for Gotham TV Show

A couple of months ago Fox announced that they will be doing a Gotham TV show. The show’s main character is Jim Gordon and there will be many other familiar faces in this show. Some casting has come out in the past couple of weeks, and this week they announced the casting for young Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. David Mazouz will be playing young Bruce Wayne. He has previously been on the short lived TV show Touch, which was also on Fox. Young Bruce Wayne will be a series regular of the show. He will be an orphan protected under Alfred Pennyworth and James Gordon. Newcomer Cameron Bicondova will be Selina Kyle. She will be playing an orphan who is dangerous and unpredictable. What do you guys think about this casting? Are you excited to see young Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle in Gotham? Tell us in the comments below.  



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