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Young Justice, a good entry point for none comic fans?

Young Justice is a DC comics animated show that is on Cartoon Network. The first teen heroes that were on the team were Artemis, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Robin, Superboy, and Miss Martian; but the team has grown over the two seasons. These young heroes have created the team called Young Justice under the supervision of the Justice League.

Young Justice is a great superhero animated series, but is it a good show for people to get into comic books? There are many ways a Young Justice fan can get into comic books. First, is the Young Justice tie-in comic book. Every month a new tie-in comic comes out. It coincides with the television show, and tells stories about your favorite characters that were never told in the television show.

Before the Young Justice cartoon came out in 2010, Young Justice had a comic book series in 1998 with a lot of the same young heroes. The first members of the team in the comic series were Robin, Superboy, Impulse, and Arrowette, Wonder Girl, and Secret. If fans of Young Justice walk into a comic book store, and see this series they would be able to read a series with familiar faces.

Fans would be able to continue the story of their favorite heroes from the 1998 Young Justice with Teen Titans. The series starts out with many familiar faces from the Young Justice television show also. The first members on the team were Tim Drake (the current Robin in Young Justice), Wonder Girl, Beast Boy, Raven, Superboy, Kid Flash, Ravager, and Solstice.

There are many different DC titles that Young Justice fans would be able to read and be able to enjoy. The Young Justice tie-in, Teen Titans, and Young Justice from 1998 are only a few great titles. Young Justice gives a lot of knowledge to the fans that way they could understand and enjoy all of these DC titles. Young Justice tells stories about characters that not everyone knows about like Wonder girl, Miss Martian, Superboy, Kid Flash, and many other characters. The show does a great job in explaining these characters and has great comic book style stories. 


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