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Your Playstation Home Away from Home That’s Still Actually in Your Home

There's a big, fat update coming to Playstation Home tomorrow, September 29th.  Version 1.55 will bring a new start-up, improvements to the Wardrobe and Furniture browser, and general operability and stability enhancements.  There's a good list of everything on the Playstation blog if you're interested in knowing more.

A very cool update is coming to the LOOT Active Camera.  Starting tomorrow, you'll be able to record videos and save them to your hard drive.  If you're feeling a little auteur with the Active Camera, you can pause and resume recordings so you can manage a little bit of editing and cutting.  And when you're done, there's even functionality to upload it directly to YouTube.

On a final note: if you are someone who's into Home, I would love to hear you're opinion on it. Feel free to leave a comment explaining how many of the items you've bought, how much time you spend there, and why the service appeals to you.

Dino Companions for Playstation Home
Is it 'cause of the cute things?  It's 'cause of the cute things, isn't it?


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