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Zack Snyder eyeing Matthew Goode for Superman?

Matthew Goode might nab the highly coveted role of Clark Kent in Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot Superman: Man of Steel.

That’s the rumor flying all across the blogosphere courtesy of Movienewz. Apparently, Snyder has Goode down as his first choice and has plans to extensively use CGI for the Superman aspect of the role. In other words, it’s like Ray Winstone in Beowulf all over again, except that this time it’ll be bulking up the muscle instead of trimming down the gut. So much for dedicating yourself to a role.

Goode worked with Snyder on Watchmen, and the director has been known to have multiple collaborations with particular actors. So his involvement makes sense, but even if Goode's biceps and triceps do get a boost thanks to some CGI magic. The response is likely to be skeptical if this choice goes through, as Goode is most definitely English and Superman is the all-American hero after all.

Of course, this is merely rumor, but expect many similar rumors and confirmations/denials of said rumors, to come in the ensuing months as the film hopes to shoot this summer.


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