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Zack Snyder penning “Xerxes”

Zack Snyder is set to write a screenplay for Frank Miller's new graphic novel Xerxes alongside Kurt Johnstad, who helped him work on the script for 300, which Snyder also directed. Although it’s not official yet, The Los Angeles Times speculates that Snyder may also be directing the film. Here’s what he had to say about directing:

"It's really going to depend on what the studio wants to do and what we do when we finish; I don't have a directing deal in place but we are writing it, so call it intent. If there was a crime they could probably convict me."

Contrary to what may seem true, Xerxes will not have any actual relation to 300. Instead, the film will follow the Battle of Artemisium, a battle that happened at the same tame as the Battle of Thermopylae, the battle that served as the main structure for 300. Snyder says that the film gives a brief background of the Persian wars, as well does a little bit of a character study of Xerxes himself.

What is it that he is most excited about, though? It seems as if he is ecstatic for a climactic battle scene that takes place in the sea. In Snyder’s own words:

"The triremes all crash together, and as they all ram in you have basic hoplite combat. But it's all on the deck on these crashing ships -- there's even horses riding across them. How cool is that?"

If Snyder does in fact direct, could we perhaps get another breakout star like we did with Gerard Butler in 300? It's a bit early to speculate on that, but it is certainly a plausible idea. Speaking of Butler, he might have a cameo in the film.

Snyder will be getting lots of press coverage (and questions about this probably) as he promotes his upcoming film Sucker Punch at this year’s Comic-Con International; he most recently helmed the upcoming animated film Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole.


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