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Zipper Interactive Defends Playstation Move

SOCOM developer Zipper Interactive’s Travis Steiner spoke regarding SOCOM 4, the Playstation Move, and addressing skeptical fans. For all those that are worried that the Move will ruin the experience of the future SOCOM games, Steiner assures fans that everything is going to be fine. Zipper has designed SOCOM 4 with the standard DualShock controller in mind, and that the Move controller is just another option.

In regards to the quality of the motion controls, Steiner asserts that they work quite well and players have reacted positively to the new control scheme. Both control schemes have the same functionality. However, testing has shown that the Move offers faster and superior target acquisition. Mr. Steiner believes that people that prefer to play shooters on their PC will see the type precision and fluid movement from Move that they get from a mouse and keyboard.


Motion controls have garnered themselves a bit of a bad name amongst gamers. Why people decide to blame the devices themselves instead of the careless third party developers that are attempting to make a quick buck I will never know.

I for one am looking forward to the Move. Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition made me a firm believer in motion control schemes for shooters, and ever since I played the Conduit I have desperately wanted to play Killzone 2 with those controls. The realization of that dream of mine might not be too far off. Regardless of the ability to play SOCOM 4 with the DS3, I still expect that we will continue to see criticism of the title for the alternate control scheme.

As with most difficult issues, I turn to 18th century French Philosophy for answers and guidance. Even if I disapprove of the way you play, I will defend to the death your right to play it…that way. I may prefer vanilla to your chocolate, but we can always agree on something. Choice is good. SOCOM 4 hits store shelves September 30th.


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