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Zombie Driver HD coming to PSN

PSN users can now look forward to experiencing the top down indie vehicular gore-fest Zombie Driver. While a specific date has not been given, Pawell Lekki announced on the PlayStation Blog this week that Zombie Driver HD will be coming to PSN soon. The release will be far more than a simple port, including not only re-tuned controls, but all the same free content available for PC, as well as a new re-made campaign featuring twice the content of the original, including new side missions, new enemies, more vehicles and numerous gameplay tweaks.

The modes added since its initial launch on Steam are Slaughter (an arena survival mode), Race (as the name implies), Eliminator (inspired by games such as Carmaggedon where coming first isn't enough, you must also destroy your opponents with the games various weapons for the highest points), and Endurance (where a bomb is fitted to your vehicle and the longer you can keep yourself from exploding, the better).

It's always nice to see indie developers getting their games out to as many people as possible and I personally give high recommendations to Zombie Driver. While it's all fine and good that the big studios want to give us sprawling epic stories, sometimes you just want to mow down hordes of oh-so-squishy zombies with a school bus covered in machine guns and not have to worry about whether or not there is a compelling narrative involved.

Now if I could just get another Carmageddon I'd be the happiest man in the world!

source: PlayStation Blog


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